We welcome enquiries for membership.  There is no waiting list.  We welcome existing FAC holders moving into the area or wishing to shoot another discipline not available at their current club.  We welcome non FAC holders who would like to explore the sport and learn to shoot in a safe and friendly and weatherproof environment.

Membership is open to those not debarred from possessing firearms by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Acts, (possession of a Firearm Certificate is not a necessity ) and the granting of Membership is subject to a satisfactory probation / instruction / evaluation period of three months duration.

Junior members (over 14/under 18) must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult whilst attending the Club.

Registering as a Probationary requires you complete a form providing your personal details.  A Seconder (not a member of this Club) who has known you for at least 3 years must also provide their personal details so that we can obtain a reference.

Guests pay £5 per session. Probationers are also asked to pay £5 per session for their 3 month probation period but do not pay any other fees.  During this time the probationer may attend as many sessions as they wish (24 maximum).

Once full Membership is granted the membership fee is payable by monthly Standing Order at the current rate.  There are no other fees to pay other than Range Fees when we use an alternative range.

Ammunition can be purchased at the range, but may not be removed from the range unless entered in a FAC.  Club rifles are available for use by Probationary Members at no charge.

Entry fees for competitions are payable to the Member organising the entries.  Competition fees are very modest based on numbers competing.  All paper targets are provided by the Club at no charge.